3 Things Inspectors Check in a Home Inspection

Three of the biggest things inspectors check during home inspections.

Do you know what a home inspector looks for when they visit a property? Inspectors will investigate every nook and cranny from the foundation to the roof to find anything that might affect the property’s value. If possible, it’s best to fix issues before listing your home to avoid them becoming a negotiation tactic for a potential buyer. To help you prepare, here are the top three things inspectors will look for: 

1. The mechanical systems. This includes the big items like your HVAC and water heater. In our experience, inspectors will look at a lot of different things to do with your water heater, including whether or not it is earthquake-proof since we’re in California. Then with the HVAC, you need to make sure to replace your filter and clean the return vents before showing the house because that can be a big red flag. If a potential buyer or their agent sees that you have neglected your HVAC, they’ll wonder what else you have failed to maintain.

“It’s best to fix issues before listing your home to create a smoother transaction.”

2. The roof. Inspectors will look for things like slipping or cracked tiles, metal sheeting sticking out, dry rot, and more. Most of the time, inspectors will find something wrong with the roof, and they’ll often defer to a roofing expert, so be prepared for that. They’ll also look to see if there’s debris in the gutters, which is an easy thing to fix beforehand. 

3. An anti-siphon device. This is one of our biggest pet peeves because it’s only $2 and such an easy fix. This item connects to your hose and is considered necessary because it can stop water from going back into the house, so inspectors will call this out. When it comes up on the inspection report, it sounds very scary, but it’s an affordable and simple fix. 

There are, of course, many other things we could list, but those are the main ones to pay attention to. If you’re thinking about selling your house, reach out to us, as part of our job is to point those things out to you. We can help you avoid major issues, so call or email us anytime.

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