TGIF Episode 2 | Milestone Restaurant El Dorado Hills

TGIF Episode 2 | Milestone Restaurant El Dorado Hills

Milestone Restaurant El Dorado Hills

What’s your most memorable milestone?  How did you celebrate it?

In 2015 Nick and Alexa celebrated their own major milestone by opening a restaurant in El Dorado Hills’ Town Center. We are excited to feature them and their amazing restaurant on this episode of #TGIFolsom!  Please join Maic and I as we learn about their background, philosophies on service and community and why their restaurant has quickly become one of El Dorado Hill’s favorite places to go and to enjoy the many milestones we all have in our lives. Visit Milestone Restaurant here.

I remember our first visit to Milestone so vividly!  We were out celebrating a friend’s birthday and the Thursday night concerts that Town Center is famous for.  We had an event with the boys, so we were late to the party and another restaurant had made our friends leave their table because their time was up for their reservation. Our whole family was so hungry and the “boulevard” was packed because of the concert.  We made our way into this new spot and they quickly moved things around to accommodate our large group. The service was better than outstanding! The staff truly made us feel like family. Although our friends had already eaten, there was something on the menu that was intriguing to the birthday boy. They overheard that it was his birthday and they just brought him out a portion to try out.  They didn’t rush us, they made everyone at the table feel special and absolutely earned our business for life!

Share with us your favorite Milestone moments and if you haven’t been to Nick and Alexa’s Milestone, please go, enjoy and let them know you saw them on #TGIFolsom

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Bye, and see you on the next episode of TGIF (Thank Goodness it’s Folsom) and beyond.

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Renee Friedrich and Maic Friedrich, The Friedrich Team


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