TGIF Episode 6 | Aquasol Swim Team

TGIF Episode 6 

Aquasol Swim Team

Aquasol Swim Team

In this episode of #TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Folsom and Beyond) we are interviewing Coaches Darin and Aimee with Aquasol Swim Team.

Darin and Aimee have been coaching together since 2003 and came to Aquasol five years ago. Aguasols philosophy of using swimming as a tool to get the best out of kids made it clear to Darin and Aimee that they needed to be a part of Aquasol.

Aquasol is a community of parents, family and children that can be part of a swim team as well as being a part of a nurturing community.

Darin and Aimee focus on accountability in the swimming pool as well as in school. They want to help the children to understand the importance of treating their peers and their family members with respect.

They are a year round program always happy to have new team members join and become part of their community. To find out more about Aquasol swim team watch the entire episode of #TGIFolsom and Beyond community.

For more information on Aquasol visit their website or visit them on Facebook.

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