How To Find The Perfect Agent

Here’s what you need to know when picking the right agent for you.

“What should I look for in a real estate agent?” We receive this question all the time. The truth is that a good agent can be the difference between getting a fantastic deal and leaving money on the table, so picking the right one is crucial. Today we’ll cover a few qualities every fantastic agent should have. 

The two most important qualities to look for in an agent are experience and reputation. Experience is pretty self-explanatory; if you want someone to sell your home for top dollar, you should hire someone with a proven track record of doing so.

“People are more likely to work with those that they’ve worked well with in the past.”

However, reputation might be equally important. Speaking for ourselves, we are more likely to take a buyer’s offer more seriously if we know that their agent is a likable professional. People are more likely to work with those that they’ve worked well with in the past. 

These two factors are crucial, but they aren’t all that matters. Knowing the local numbers is important as well. For example, if homes in your area are selling for an average of 105% of their list prices, your agent should let you know that an offer that’s only 95% of the list price has no chance. 

A great agent should also know what’s happening in your area. By looking at recently sold homes and the pending market, your agent should let you know what you need to do to sell your home for a certain price. This knowledge is invaluable in a shifting market. 

Finally, the team you work with should be a good cultural and personal fit. We’re friends with a lot of our past clients because we love people. We tend to work with those we know, like, and trust, and we’d love to get to know you better. 

If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else, please call or email us. We are always willing to help.

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