TGIF Episode 1 | Foreign Autohaus

TGIF Episode 1 -Foreign Autohaus

Foreign Autohaus

Since 2009, Foreign Autohaus has been serving El Dorado Hills (and beyond)! Through it's genuine customer service and it's superb auto work, Foreign Autohaus has built its brand as the go to auto repair facility in the area. Today on the first episode of TGIF, Maic and Renee give you a behind-the-scenes look with owner of Foreign Autohaus, Rafael Cedeno, into what makes his business unique from every other.

We're Renee and Maic Friedrich local realtors here in El Dorado Hills and this is TGIF. Thank Goodness It's Folsom and Beyond. This is your all-access pass to all the best places to go, things to see, best dining and all of our favorite hot spots in all the cities surrounding Folsom Lake. Join us as we check out everything great around the lake that makes living around Folsom Lake one of the best places to be in Northern, California.

Today We're talking to Rafael and his crew here at Foreign Autohaus, here in El Dorado Hills in the town center.

What Renee and I love about Foreign Autohaus and Rafael and his team is they're just so honest with their Assessments and they really go out of their way to take care of their clients. We love the fact that they totally aligned with some of our core values “giving back to the community”,  “being a part of the community” and also the hustle.

Renee just had the pleasure of bringing her car in to see Rafael just a couple weeks ago and Renee’s Dad's brought his car here a couple of times and we're constantly asked as real estate agents, you know with people moving here from out of the area. Where do I take my car? Where do I do this? Where do I do that, and so we asked Rafael if we could feature his shop because he just takes such good care of us here in the community. He's going to tell us a little bit about the shop.

So, my name is Rafael Cedeno. I I've been in business here for 10 years Servicing El Dorado Hills. This is my shop. I take pride in what I do here I have focused on customer service and making sure we get the job right the first time, come give us a try.

Foreign Autohauss pecializes in BMW, Porsche, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Land Rover and Jaguar.

Services Rafael provides:

He is a full service repair facility providing factory maintenance, tires, brakes engine rebuilds, transmissions, if the client is in a pinch they have some loaner vehicles that they offer their customers in case they can't get the car back to them in a feasible amount of time. This is more as a service for them.

Rafael knows what it is when your car is in a repair shop for more than a day or two and you need a car and So they have some courtesy shuttles that they give here to the customers.

Foreign Autohaus also gives back to the community in so many different ways. When you go into their shop, you know right away that they have pictures of teams. They've sponsored, events they've sponsored.

They just really go above and beyond and Rafael does something really special when the loaner cars get decommissioned. Rafael says: “After we're done with the vehicles. Normally there are loners that I have I purchased them from the customers. We've been maintaining these vehicles on average between the 5 to 10 years and then we'll purchase the car from the customer and we will fix the vehicle so we can provide a shuttle service or a loaner car service for the customer then when we're done with it. We just donate the vehicle.”

We find this  great, fantastic. We love giving back to the community as well. and we just love to hear that Our community partners are actually donating and you know doing their part to make our community even better.

We really appreciate your time Rafeal letting us feature your business here.

As a viewer of TGIF and beyond if you would just let Rafeal know that you saw him here on the show that would be great. Maybe he'll even do something special for you when you come in,  like make sure that he has one of those loners available for you to use while your car's in the shop. We know that was a huge blessing for us when we needed to have work done on our car.

If you have a local business or organization that you'd like us to feature on an upcoming episode Please give us a call. You can reach us at the office at 916-244-8474

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for joining us.

Bye, and see you on the next episode of TGIF (Thank Goodness it’s Folsom) and beyond.

Your Hosts,

Renee Friedrich and Maic Friedrich, The Friedrich Team


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