TGIF Episode 9 | The Donut Shop

Welcome back to our 9th episode of #TGIFOLSOM Join us as we find out more about The Donut Shop in Folsom. We first learned about The Donut Shop when we were looking for the perfect business to buy donuts from to deliver to our referral partners. After looking at the wonderful Yelp reviews we knew that The Donut Shop was the place to go and we were blown away by their great customer service and the variety of donuts.

We spoke with Vann the owner of The Donut Shop in Folsom about his shop and his involvement in the community. Vann got his strong work ethic and drive from his parents who also owned Donut Shops. In high school Vann would wake up at 4am to deliver donuts then go to school. The strong work ethic that his parents taught him has lead to the success of his local business.

The Donut Shop’s menu has everything you could possibly want. From Maple Bacon Donuts to Crème Brulee Donuts. That doesn’t even include the donut of the “month”, which never is around for only a month since customers don’t want to see them leave! The shop has everything that you could possibly want from great customer service to locally made coffee.

The dedication that The Donut Shop has to the community is evident in their dozen for dozen fundraiser program they have. For every dozen donut you buy The shop donates a dozen. In the past, they have worked with Boys and Girls Scouts, local schools and local sports teams just to name a few.

If you need something sweet to get your through the day or a great cup of coffee stop by The Donut Shop Folsom today or visit them online and buy a few dozen donuts.

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